Research Interest

Data Mining 
Recent advances in database technology along with the phenomenal growth of the Internet have resulted in an explosion of data collected, stored, and disseminated by various organizations. Because of its massive size, it is difficult for analysts to sift through the data even though it may contain useful information. Data mining holds great promise to address this problem by providing efficient techniques to uncover useful information hidden in the large data repositories. 

As social networks become more and more popular, people has produced a hugh amount of data. There are potential values in the data. For example, we can analyze the posts, pictures, status published by user to judge his/her interests and recommend people who have similar interests with him/her. Maybe your girlfriend is among the recommeded people:)

Research Experience

Dragon Star Project on Data Mining, Student(Jul.2011)
Supervisor: Professor Hui Xiong of Rutgers
  •   Understand basic techniques and models in Data Mining
  •   Get to know some general operations of SPSS Clementine

Student Research Training Program, Research Assistant (Nov.2010-Jun.2011)
Supervisor:  Associate Professor Jian Wu of ZJU
  •   Research how to improve the web service discovery process by clustering WSDL documents and tags
  •   Work with doctoral students to figure out WSDL clustering methods