The projects I have done

Sina Weibo App -合影

Description: Users can select a friend or follower to take photo with him/her, and can write some descriptions on the photo. I do this project to take part in "Weibo App Development Contest", which is for undergraduate students in China. Currently there are more than 6000 users.
Technique: PHP+Apache+Mysql
What I have done: I'm responsible for product design, UI desgin and coding.
Time: 2011.6-Present

Lab Safety Management System

Description:Ÿ  The system helps to record safety check information of the labs. 
What I have done: I'm responsible for the safety record and statistics part. Users can submit the safety record, view the record history and download the record information in word format.
Time: 2011.4

FreeCity Website

Link: (the current version is not written by me)
Description: FreeCity is the internal bbs of Zhejiang University. The current version is written by java and very inefficient. So we use CGI at the back-end and ExtJS at the front-end.
Technique: CGI+ExtJs+Apache+Linux
What I have done: I cooperate with another fellow, who is responsible for CGI.
Time: 2010.11-2011.1

Room Reservation System

Link: It's an internal website of Zhejiang University
Description: The number of classroom of our college is limited. We develop this system to make full use of the classrooms. People apply room and the admin receives the application. After admin approve the application, people can use the room.
Technique: PHP+Apache+Mysql+jQuery
What I have done: I'm responsible for the backend management system.
Time: 2010.10

Automation Lab

Link: It's an internal website of ebay QA
Description: Current users of automation tools don’t know the status of the tool. If they found the tools don’t work, they have to use email to communicate with the tool owner and get some status from the owner. It’s not an effective way. So we will build a portal to publish the tool’s latest status. And user can report/track the status of one error.
Techniques: struts+jQuery
What I have doneI'm responsible for the UI design and front-end development.