pentax k-x
      Hi! My name is Han Panpan and my English name is Jessie. Jessie is a neutral name, which means lovely sporty girl, smart, kind and boyish. The reason why I use Jessie is that I think the meaning of the name suits me well.     

      I was born in 1989/11/17. My hometown is Zhongxiang of Hubei province, which is a city of Longevity. In 2007, I got a high score in the College Entrance Examination and was admitted to Zhejiang University. My major is software engineering. I have learned a lot in college, such as how to study, how to get along with others, how to be independent and so on.
    During the first two years of my college life, I devoted myself to the course studies and got high marks. In the third year, I realized that I should put what I have learnt into practical use. So I tried to seek for internship and also take part in some research work. Finally I got the offer from eBay. I'm proud that since the third year I can live on my own.

     I am fond of photography. Because I want to use my camera to record meaningful moments of my life. Two months ago, I took part in a school photography contest and won the Second Prize. It was a recognition of my past efforts. But I think I am just a beginner of photography. I still have a long way to go.I also like playing basketball. It’s a good way to release pressure.

     I think my advantage is that I have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision. I also have positive active mind.As to my personality, I think I’m easygoing and honest. I am also enthusiastic and ready to help others.   

     BTW, this is my personal website and I also have a blog which is in Chinese