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/*  * Created by my parents.  
* Created date: Nov 1989  
* Last updated: recently  */ 
var me = {     
name: 'Jessie Han' || '韓盼盼',     
gender: 'female',     
married: false,     
address: 'HangZhou, China' ,     
blog: 'www.zjuhpp.com' ,
website:'zjuhpp.weebly.com' , 
camera:'Pentax k-x",
interests: [ 'web development',                
                 'reading via Google Reader',                
                 'sharing & discussing thoughts',                
                 'solutions and code',                
                 'seeking for answers'                
likes: [   'social network site',            
             'interesting websites'            
 skills:[ 'java',
student: {         
university: 'ZheJiang University',         
Major: 'Software Engineering',         
description: 'Before I went to college, I knew little about computer. After 4 years, I can implement what I think in mind with code. It's exciting! '         
} ,
company: 'ebay',
job title: 'QA',
description:'I learnt many things in eBay and made some friend for life'


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